John Newton

It is the Summer of 2017, and I have begun working on a graphic novel based on the life of John Newton, the author of “Amazing Grace.”  My goal is to complete a 12 page full-color sample, and write a 120 page script that I will pitch to various publishers.  If my page samples and manuscript are rejected, I will pursue the project further through Kickstarter.

I will be documenting the process through various blog posts, and will use this page to collect images of my progress.

The first thing I do when creating a comic or graphic novel, is write a script.  For my purposes right now, I have only written a script for the 12 pages I will be illustrating for my sample.

I’ve chosen to use a dream that Newton had one night, that reflected God’s mercies in his life.

I use Google Docs for my scripts. Click here to see the script for my 12 pages.